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  • z1 Ilse Jacobsen Rub 1 Rain Boot Black or Turquoise or Blue

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    These handmade wellies can withstand even the hardest torrential downpour. Made specifically to deal with wind and water, they can help you love the rain.
    The Ilse Jacobsen ankle wellie is made out of the finest single-estate 100% natural rubber from sustainable harvests. 
    This pure, natural rubber is mixed with their secret recipe, making the fundamental composition 85% pure, natural rubber and 15% secret recipe.

    Entirely PVC-free, they contain no animal by-products. The result is a sturdy and reliable companion for rainy days.

    To make sure that your feet stay dry and comfortable, these wellies are lined with a mixture of 60% viscose and 40% cotton.
    In addition to this they have nice, warm inner soles  made of 45% viscose, 35% polyester & 20% polyacrylic.
    The cold won't ruin your wellies - our soles are made of lightweight EVA, withstanding temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius, and our rubber uppers withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius.
    The laces are made of 100% cotton, and can be adjusted to fit your legs perfectly. New laces are available in several lengths and colours, made to fit each individual wellie, while  laces are machine-washable, 
    it is recommend that you place them in a washing bag first, so that they don't tie themselves into knots.

    Care Instructions: Wipe clean

    Material: 100% natural rubber, lining 60% viscose 40% cotton, insole 45% viscose 35% polyester 20% polyacrylic